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New Spring Garden by NatashaNaSt Designs

One more page from amazing kit by NatashaNaSt Design at  Shabby Pickle Designs
 This is about my DD Mariya:)Daughter Admired
I look back in time, Young and very innocent
Seeing the world through your eyes
Memories I hold safe in my heart
To sometimes unwrap with a smile and the comfort of a sigh
Now my little girl is grown, A woman you have become
With the wisdom and strength God has given
Is tranquility I feel knowing that anything you will overcome
This strength and warmth of heart I see in you
I know will lay no boundaries
For the world is yours to have sweetheart
To hold in your hands, each moment to appreciate and seize
I am there for eternity, If only in thought
A place you can come to as you feel you need
I am there standing in the shadows allowing you to grow and learn
Holding onto the knowledge that with your heart, You will succeed
It is your strength and kind heart about you that shines
As a single ray of sunlight beaming through a cloud
insisting we look higher and higher
To lift us up when we are down
It is this my daughter in you that I do admire.
Author ~ L.J. Myers ~

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